Natural Remedy for Cough and Catarrh

The world is filled with so much natural resources or let's just say ingredients that are readily available to help us live our lives without necessarily taking drugs that are most at times more harmful to our systems than the good things they are intended for. Here are some of such ingredients:
  • Garlic and Honey:
Garlic and honey have so many health benefits, but this time let's talk about their usefulness in treating Cough and Catarrh. They contain some chemical compounds that can cure cough and Catarrh when they are mixed together. 
Here's the procedure:
  • Pill out 3 or 4 garlic cloves (pieces from the bulb). 
  • Chop or smash them into pieces. 
  • Get natural honey. 
  • Add 1 and half tea spoon of honey in the smashed garlic and mix thoroughly. 
  • Take the mixture in the morning and wait after 2 hours before breakfast. 
I bet you the cough and catarrh will go away at least the second day.

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